Queen Elizabeth II reportedly allowed Princess Michael of Kent to live at Kensington Palace for free due to a touching reason.

Even though there were rumors of a conflict between the opinionated Princess Michael of Kent and Her Majesty, Princess Diana and Princess Anne, the monarch still recognized the royal’s work and contribution to their family.

In 2002, Princess Michael of Kent was at the center of controversy when the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee called for Her Majesty to evict some of its residents. The committee revealed that the Kents only paid a small sum of money per week for their stay in the five-bedroom, five-reception apartment that they have been living in since 1978.

Upon learning about the committee’s demand, the monarch said that she would pay the actual market rate for the property per year. The money that the Queen would pay will go straight to a government fund used the maintain the royal palaces.

The Queen is paying the rent for Prince and Princess Michael of Kent’s apartment at a commercial rate of £122,000 (over $152,000) annually, from her own private funds. This rent payment by the Queen is in recognition of the royal engagements and work for various charities which Prince and Princess Michael of Kent have undertaken at their own expense and without any public funding,” a spokesperson said.

Her Majesty came up with the arrangement on one condition: Prince and Princess Michael of Kent are expected to carry out more royal duties on behalf of the Queen.

But eight years after their arrangement was put in place, the Queen said that the Kents would have to pay their rent on their own because Her Majesty wanted to cut back on spending following the financial crisis.

A spokesperson for the Buckingham Palace said that Prince and Princess Michael of Kent do not undertake royal engagements on behalf of the Queen.

“For this reason, a new arrangement is needed to ensure that they are not housed at public expense free of rent,” the source said.