Meghan Markle instantly became a household name ever since she got into a relationship with Prince Harry.

Now that the couple is engaged, more and more women want to look like the “Suits” actress. Plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Russo and his team vowed to help their patients achieve the “Markle Sparkle” without having to go under the knife.

“To help patients achieve this sparkle, our master nurse offers Dermal Rolling Sessions, a quick in-office treatment that includes products and tools for at-home maintenance, similar to the products Meghan reportedly uses herself,” Dr. Russo told US Weekly.

Cheek contouring is the second most popular request among his patients. “We like to layer dermal fillers such as Jevederm Volume, Juverdem Ultra Plus and Juvederm Vollure to create a Markle-esque shape,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stafford Broumand also said that his patients are requesting for Markle’s face during their sessions. Broumand and his team rely on Botox to help their patients achieve the look that they desire.

“What we discuss with our patients is the judicious use of Botox for the forehead and crow’s feet wrinkles, fillers strategically placed to enhance their cheekbones to give a more heart-shaped face and either a liquid rhinoplasty or a surgical rhinoplasty to improve the shape, size and profile of their nose,” he said.

But Markle’s facial features are not the only ones fans have been requesting for. New York-based hairstylist Adel Chabbi said that a lot of women have been requesting for brunette tresses that’s similar to the actress’ hair.

“I’ve experienced more clients requesting a color that is more uniform like hers: a deep color without much contrast which also happens to be perfect for winter. They want the hair to be smooth with lots of shine,” he said.

Additionally, Markle has also become a trendsetter when it comes to her fashion style, as well as the accessories she uses. After her first royal engagement with Prince Harry last week, Markle’s $675 Strathberry hand bag sold out within hours, according to The Telegraph.

The “Meghan Markle Effect” continued with the Kurt Geiger knee-high boots she wore last Friday. The footwear also sold out within hours.