Toilet in China's Love Land theme park in Chongqing municipality

Have you ever been caught up in a sticky situation abroad? Maybe you ate something that looked a bit greener than it should, and now you're not feeling so hot. You're searching around for a toilet, but you're not quite sure how to ask for one. You could make gestures, but you don't want people to laugh. Things are getting worse. You panic...

Have no fear! We are here to teach you how to say Where is the toilet? in 20 languages. Practice theses at home before you go overseas. Or, just say them for fun! Who doesn't like to say, fun moy douche bee?

How to say Where is the toilet? in 20 languages:

Spanish = ¿Dónde está el baño?

Portuguese = Com licença, onde fica o banheiro?

French = pardon, où sont les toilettes?

Italian = Mi scusi, dov'è il bagno?

German = Wo ist die Toilette, bitte?

Dutch = Pardon, waar is de W.C.

Swedish = Ursäkta mig, var finns toaletten?

Korean = Hwa-jang-shil uh-dee-in-ga-yo?

Japanese = Toire wa dokodesu?

Cantonese Chinese = Mm-goy, chee-soh hai been-doh-ah?

Arabic (Saudi Arabia; UAE) = Ayna Al Hammam?

Hebrew = Slikha, ehfo hah sherooteem?

Malayalam = Bathroom evide ah?

Senegalese= fun moy douche bee?

Estonian = Vabandage, kus on tualett?

American English = Where is the restroom / bathroom?

Canadian English = Where is the washroom?

British English = Where is the loo / lavatory?

Irish English = Where is the WC?

Pig-Latin = Excuseay emay, erewhay isay ethay athroombay?