After all of the magic of Disney night, the “Dancing With the Stars” season 27 teams are back at work as they prepare for a much scarier night of competition.

Week 6 of the ABC reality competition series will see the remaining nine teams perform Halloween themed routines as they try to impress the judges and hope for good scores. The need to impress will be greater than ever, as the teams will be forced to deal with an elimination this time around, following the non-elimination last week.

Here’s how the teams spent the past week rehearsing for their spooky and creepy routines.

Team Chernando

Juan Pablo and Cheryl are getting into the spirit of Halloween as they rehearse. While the “Fuller House” star didn’t share a major look at their upcoming routine, he did seem content with showing how it would be themed, sharing a quick post where he played with some fake spiders and pretended to eat one while Cheryl tried to caution him away from doing so.

Team Witlo

Milo seems to be returning to his roots when it comes to what made him famous with his next routine. He shared a snap of rehearsal where he appeared to be in full zombie mode as he danced with Witney.

Team Stickit

Sasha is fully committed to scaring Mary Lou as they prepare for their routine. Not only did he sneak up on her as she arrived at one rehearsal, but he also scared her as she walked outside the studio at one point by jumping out of a tree.

Team Kevanna

It appears the Harry Potter star will have a witches’ favorite animal in mind as she performs her routine. In a post on Instagram, Evanna shared that she and Keo seem to have a cat theme for their routine. Meanwhile, Keo shared a look at them practicing in general. Evanna also shared that same photo, hinting that he might go shirtless this week, joking in the caption that he was taking off his shirt in order to secure more votes.

Team BeautyandtheGeek

While Sharna just shared one snap of herself and Bobby where he was creepily looking over her shoulder, Bobby has been very actively sharing their rehearsals with fans. He not only shared a glimpse at their dance (and how it became painful at one point), but he also made sure fans got a look at his role in the opening number.

Team RenTen, Team WaresOurMirrorball, Team SuperDuke and Team CHECKusOUT haven’t shared any significant updates, so fans will just have to wait until showtime to see what they’ve cooked up for them.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.