Instagram added a new feature on Thursday that is sure to irritate some of the photo-sharing app’s users. By default, Instagram will now put a green dot next to a user’s icon in the direct messages screen to indicate that they are online. Thankfully, users who feel that the status indicator is invasive or just do not want to be bothered have an easy way of shutting it off.

All Instagram users can now see the green dots next to users who are online by checking the direct messages tab. In order to get rid of that, all they need to do is visit the settings menu, per Insider. Head over to the profile page and tab the gear icon next to the “Edit Profile” button.

After that, scroll down to the “Privacy and Security” section of the settings menu. There will be a button labeled “Activity Status.” Tap that, and then hit turn the toggle switch off to completely disable the green status indicator.

The only major catch to this is that it does not just turn it off for that user. After turning it off, that user will not be able to see if any other users are online. In other words, turning it off brings Instagram back to what it was before the update. The status indicator is on by default, so anyone who wants to get rid of it will need to actively seek it out.

Instagram announced the new feature in a blog post on Thursday. The idea was “making it easier to connect with friends,” but some people may not want others to know when they are online. It could increase the likelihood of being messaged by someone they do not want to talk to.

“DMing friends and connecting over the content you love is more fun when you know your friends are there to see it,” Instagram’s blog post reads. “This update gives you the ability to have more of those real-time conversations while giving you the control to hide your status altogether.”

The ability to turn the status indicator off was not the only way Instagram gave users control over who they encounter on the app this week. The app is testing out a new feature among a handful of users that allows them to remove followers they do not want around.