It’s been discovered recently that Instagram is currently testing a new feature that will allow its users to remove their followers. Instagram has also confirmed that it is building a new two-factor authentication process that won’t use SMS messaging.

The Instagram feature that allows users to remove their followers has been reported multiple times in the past few months. Some Android users with public Instagram accounts are claiming that they have already gained the feature, but it was only regarded as a rumor.

However, Matt Navarra on Twitter discovered that he also has access to the new feature. He shared a screenshot of the Instagram app showing a new option to remove a follower. The Verge reached out to Instagram and a spokesperson has finally confirmed that the new feature is indeed being tested. Unfortunately, the company declined to comment on specific details about the full release of the feature to all Instagram users.

Removing followers isn’t entirely new for Instagram. The feature is readily available for users who have a private account. Bringing the feature to public accounts should provide users with more control on who is able to see their posts. When a user removes a follower, they won’t be informed that they’ve been removed.

So, why is this new feature so important? Blocking people on Instagram basically does the same, but that makes it possible for people to quickly realize that they’ve been blocked, which could lead to awkward situations. Simply removing a follower is more low-key, and users could spare themselves from unwanted drama.

The feature appears to be only available for testing to Instagram users who are using Android phones. To check if the feature is accessible, users will have to go to their profile and tap on “Followers.” Three vertical dots should be present next to the people’s names. Tapping on the dots should bring up the option to remove a follower.

In related news, it looks like the company is also building a new two-factor authentication security feature that doesn’t rely on SMS. Instagram has confirmed to TechCrunch that its non-SMS two-factor authentication system will work for security apps such as Google Authenticator or Duo. These apps will be able to generate random special codes that will allow users to log in to their Instagram accounts.

Currently, Instagram’s only two-factor authentication system relies on SMS. Unfortunately, this can be bypassed through SIM swapping hacks, which allow hackers to steal users’ phone numbers. The new system is expected to prevent this from happening.