Remember when three-way calling with your two best friends was as cool as it gets? Well, this generation’s version of the three-way is here: group direct messages -- also known as DMs. Sure, group chats have been around for awhile, but now Twitter users can share joint messages with friends, family, brands, companies, restaurants and even random celebrities privately. But there’s more: Videos and pictures can also be sent.

“Speak privately with a group of people,” Twitter invited in a promotional video Tuesday. “Share tweets, pics, links and emoji. Speak privately. Send a direct message now.”

“With direct messages on Twitter, you can communicate privately with a person or a group of people, instantly,” the social media site wrote. “Go beyond your friends and family. Keep in contact with experts, captivators, brands and people you find interesting.”

As many as 20 people at a time can be involved in a group chat. To try it out, simply go to the direct message feature and type in the name of a person and add. Each person can be added. When everyone is involved, click “next,” write the message, and send. Still need help? CLICK HERE

Twitter is reportedly trying to compete with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram where netizens have more privacy for their conversations. Twitter is arguably different than Facebook and Instagram because there isn’t an abundance of personal information shared. Therefore, it’s not as risky to be friends with -- or to follow -- someone a person does not know in real life.

So when can you start having private DM conversations on Twitter? The new feature reportedly will begin in coming days. Twitterati can begin a group chat with multiple people, but users will have to follow each other for messages to be sent and received. Twitter users will get a notification when a memo is written. 

On the same day Twitter announced it new group DM, Snapchat revealed its Discover feature. Discover will reportedly be a helpful tool for businesses, but insecure partners aren’t as happy.

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