"Game of Thrones" is officially starting production on the 8th and final season, which means that the show's cast is once again in Europe and preparing to work on the epic HBO series once more. While on set security will make it exceptionally difficult to watch the cast in action, fans can still try and eventually get their own look at the places that they have come to know and love as parts of the fictional land of Westeros.

It's no secret that "Game of Thrones" has filmed seasons across a myriad of European cities and countries over the years, with some actors never even meeting on set because of the different locations they film in. Now that most of the remaining cast will likely be filming together for the final season since Winter has officially taken over the Seven Kingdoms, which is a contributing factor to the series likely not returning to HBO until 2019, other areas that were once occupied by the cast may be open for exploring for fans who want to see the Westerosi lands and landmarks for themselves.

So where exactly has the show filmed scenes? And which ones might fans be able to visit? Here's some of the places everyone's favorite (and sometimes least favorite) "Game of Thrones" characters have come to life:

Northern Ireland:

While it will likely be hard to tour most of the Northen Ireland locations where "Game of Thrones" films as the new season films (the cast is currently based mostly in the Belfast area), there are still numerous places that have been used on the show for exterior scenes.  Among potential locations are:

Ballintoy Harbor/Ballintoy: This small scenic town serves as the location for Pike, the seat of House Greyjoy and the Iron Islands.

Castle Ward: If this area looks familiar, it's because it's the site where the exteriors for Winterfell, the Stark family home, are shot.

The Dark Hedges: Though they haven't made an appearance in a while, this tree-lined road has been the site of the Kingsroad, which took the Stark family from Winterfell to King's Landing in the show's first season.

Fans who want to see some of the sites for "Game of Thrones," but don't know if they can find them on their own, can also invest in some specialized tours that are offered throughout Northern Ireland that cater exclusively to fans of the show.


Dubrovnik's Gradac Park/Hotel Belvedere/Trsteno Arboretum: Now that Winter has arrived in Westeros and the snows are falling in King's Landing, it's safe to assume that fans who want to get a small piece of the Red Keep will be able to do so by visiting these landmarks, which have served as various locations for exterior shots of the grounds, including the gardens.



Grjotagja Cave: Curious about the place where we saw Jon Snow (Kit Harington) lose his virginity by having sex with his wildling love, Ygritte (Rose Leslie)? Well, this cave would be the place to check out.


Osuna Bull Ring: We aren't going to be visiting the fighting pits of Merreen again now that Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is in Westeros, but those who want to see the place where Jorah (Iain Glen) won back his queen's trust, and where several action sequences occurred during Dany's reign in the city, can pay this spot a visit.


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Alcazar Castle: Another place that isn't likely to ever be seen again is Dorne, since the entire royal family there has since been wiped out on the show. While fans may be glad they won't have to see those characters again, it does mean that they can pay a visit to the place that made Sunspear a lavish home for the Martell/Sand family.