• Huawei, along with its sub-brand Honor is planning to release 5G smartphones at $150 price point
  • These affordable smartphones with 5G support will arrive before 2020 ends or in the early part of 2021
  • The latest good news comes from Huawei President for 5G Product Line Yang Chaobin

In 2019, the smartphone industry saw several smartphone brands releasing models equipped with 5G support. Several analysts predicted last year that 2020 would see a wide range of smartphone brands with 5G. It appears that Huawei is taking the competition at a different level as it plans to release more affordable 5G smartphones before the year ends.

Initially, most of the consumers thought that smartphones with 5G support would be very expensive. Last year, Xiaomi said that it would launch 5G smartphones at all price points. However, Chinese tech and telecom giant Huawei is now announcing its plan of introducing more affordable 5G smartphones for as low as $150.

The good news comes directly from the horse’s mouth. Huawei, along with its sub-brand Honor, would launch $150 5G smartphones before the year ends or in the early part of 2020, according to Yang Chaobin, Huawei President for 5G Product Line. The company announced that it was able to ship 6.9 million units of 5G smartphones as of Dec. 2019.

Huawei introduced Huawei Mate 30 5G series, Mate X 5G, Nova 6 5G, and Mate 20 X 5G last year. Its sub-brand, on the other hand, launched the Honor V30 series equipped with 5G. In Dec. 2019 alone, an estimated 5 million 5G smartphones were sold.

Chinese are very aggressive when it comes to releasing smartphones with 5G wireless network connectivity. It could be due to the fact that China, along with South Korea and the US, has begun offering 5G commercial services, according to Gizmo China. According to Android Headlines, one of the strongest points of Chinese smartphones is their ability to offer premium smartphone configuration at very affordable prices.

It is no longer surprising to hear that Huawei is releasing 5G smartphones retailing at $150. The Cupertino giant Apple, so far, has been very successful in releasing an iPhone model at an affordable price point. It appears that Apple is not changing its strategy, considering that it is reportedly releasing four new iPhone 12 models this year. Also, Apple is anticipated to release the low-entry iPhone SE 2 retailing at $399.