• Xiaomi recently filed a couple of patents of uniquely-designed smartphones
  • Patents reveal smartphones that have three screens
  • Xiaomi is also anticipated to release Xiaomi Mi 10 5G and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi recently submitted new patents of a couple of new but remarkably unique smartphone concepts in China. ITHome first spotted the patents that give us our first look at two smartphones with unique form factors that we might see soon in the portfolio of Xiaomi. While these patents do not disclose too many details, but they reveal what looks like a couple of triple-screen or perhaps foldable devices.

The Chinese smartphone maker filed the patents in the latter part of Dec. 2019 with the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office announcing the patents’ approval on Jan. 10, 2020. The first device sports a near bezel-less design that folds on the side three times. The display seems to wrap around the back, front, and on the left-hand side.

It is hard to tell based on the patent illustration if the design dropped the front-facing camera or if it is concealed under the screen or on the slim bezels. Meanwhile, the second patent shows a device with displays both in front and at the back. However, instead of the display covering the side, the screen seems to go over the top, but since the patent does not show the top of the device, at this point, we could not be certain.

A customer walks out of a Xiaomi store in Beijing, China, June 21, 2018. REUTERS/Jason Lee/File Photo

The second Xiaomi device also sports dual-camera, but unlike the first patent, it does not feature a visible selfie camera. It is worth noting that the latest patents submitted by Xiaomi are in no way indicative that these foldable smartphone concepts will be released soon. Like all other tech companies, Xiaomi has a habit of filing patents that may or may not enter production or reach the consumers. Most of the time, patents remain patents and do not see the next stage.


#Xiaomi has patented two new vastly different #foldable smartphone concepts in China. These two patents feature designs that familiar to what we’ve seen from other companies before,but they’re also slightly different in their own way. The first device folds horizontally display

— Gadgets Rumours (@GadgetsRumours) January 11, 2020


It is interesting, however, to know that the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is looking into these kinds of concepts and possibilities for its future products. Meanwhile, Xiaomi is anticipated to release its next flagship phone this year. Earlier leaks suggested that the Chinese company will release the Xiaomi MI 10 5G and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Both flagship smartphones are expected to feature impressive camera configurations and 5G support.