Huawei’s recent Mate 30 release has their fans excited to have another quality smartphone loaded with the latest Android software. However, the company has failed to deliver as the new device cannot get Google’s smartphone apps even through a different way. Some reviewers even believe that the Huawei Mate 30 is a device that’son a massive disadvantage due to its lack of major smartphone operating system support.

As seen on Huawei’s Mate 30 reveal in their event in Munich, the new device comes equipped with its improved hardware namely its new 5G chipset, improved camera, and better display. While the company flexed the new smartphone’s specs, its Android Open Software platform was not discussed as much during the reveal. Many fans that were watching live and on the show’s livestream were still unsure if the new Mate 30 can support Google apps on board.

However, the Huawei’s Mate 30 doesn’t have an Android license which prevents it from obtaining any Google smartphone app in anyway. Huawei’s new phone can’t have Google Maps, Play Store access, and have any other Google-related apps that can be downloaded manually after purchasing the device. Without the license, any attempts to install and run Google apps will not work on Mate 30.

Wit h this problem, Huawei Mate 30 is regarded as a problematic device to pick up according to reviewers. A tweet from TechTalk said the Mate 30 is “dead on arrival” due to its lack of Android features. More than improved specs and cameras, many consumers often rely on smartphones due to its convenient apps and features.

Without the Android apps, the open-sourced Android system installed in the Mate 30 is pointless unless Huawei manages to strike a deal with Google or the U.S. government again. The Entity List ban on Huawei has been severely affecting its business due to its restrictions with working with U.S.-based companies.

Prior to the release of Mate 30, Huawei announced that it’ll stick with the Android OS to show it wants to preserve its partnership with Google despite the ban. The company held off on using the Harmony OS for their upcoming smartphone releases. With the company unable to use Google apps for its phones, it needs to find a way to keep its smartphones up to par with its rivals.

Huawei's "Mate 30 Pro", the latest smartphone by the Chinese tech giant Huawei, is the first void of Google apps because of US sanctions
The ongoing US-China trade war is one of the crucial reasons why Huawei's flagship device, positioned to compete against Apple iPhone 11, does not have a single American part. AFP / Christof STACHE