A massive python was spotted in a sewer gate in east-end Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday. A passerby was shocked to see the reptile's tail poking out of the drain.

Toronto Fire was called to the intersection of Danforth and Victoria Park avenues just before midnight who captured the snake and contacted animal services.

Fiona Venedam, manager of the enforcement and mobile response unit with Toronto Animal Services, told Global News the python was picked up and was being housed at a shelter. Officials will later take it to a reptile sanctuary.

Venedam said snakes that grow to be less than 9-foot are allowed under Toronto animal bylaws, however, they cannot be venomous. The snake that was captured was a shorter ball python, which would be permitted.

Animal Services said they received a call from someone who claims to be the snake’s owner. Kyle said the snake, a ball python, is permitted as a pet in Toronto.

Authorities said that people who no longer can care for their pet snakes must surrender it to a local herpetological society or call Toronto Animal Services at 416-338-7297. Venedam said owners can also surrender pet snakes to one of Toronto’s three animal shelters, which are open seven days a week.

This is a representational image showing a woma python from Australia during the annual animal inventory at Zoo Berlin zoo in Berlin, Dec. 12, 2012. Getty Images/Sean Gallup