An elderly dog owner watched in horror as a huge python ate her pet alive and regurgitated the canine in front of her. The incident took place in a village in southern Thailand, on Tuesday.

The dog owner, identified as 70-year-old Neam Boonkerd, rushed outside her home after hearing her pet yelping in pain. She then saw the reptile, a 16-feet-long python, constricting her dog.

The woman immediately called a team of snake catchers. However, by the time they reached the scene, the reptile had already eaten her pet dog alive. The python then sat curled up in a tree, digesting the dog. The snake catchers then brought the reptile down, following which it regurgitated the dog in front of the canine’s horrified owner.

A video of the incident showed a snake catcher pulling the reptile and at one point it regurgitates the dog.

Meanwhile, Boonkerd told the local media that her pet cat and chickens had gone missing before she saw the reptile killing her dog. She now suspects that the snake must have killed all of them. She also feared the she could have been the next victim had the snake catchers not come on time.

“If the rescuers did not catch it, maybe I would be the next victim,” she said.

The snake was believed to be a reticulated python which can grow to more than 20 feet and can eat almost anything they kill.

This representational image shows a python on a tree inside his enclosure at the Dhupguri snake park in India, Feb. 8, 2006. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri