Hulu Cyber Monday deal
A Cyber Monday deal will allow new Hulu subscribers to pay under a dollar each month for a year. From left: Lyrica Okano in "Marvel's Runaways," Elisabeth Moss in "Handmaid's Tale," Sarah Silverman in "I Love You, America." Hulu/Greg Lewis; Hulu/Sabrina Lantos; Hulu/Ali Goldstein

The streaming services are starting to add up. There’s $7.99 here, $12.99 there and before you know it, your online viewing habits are almost as expensive as cable. That won’t be the case if you take advantage of Hulu’s Cyber Monday deal.

Hulu has what might be the company’s best sale ever. The streaming service is just $0.99 a month for a year to those who subscribe on Cyber Monday. That’s $11.88 for 12 months of streaming for anyone who signs up by 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday.

The deal is not, of course, available to those already subscribed. However, if you ditched Hulu more than a year ago, you qualify to recommit with the 99-cent deal.

It’s not surprising that the lowest price of the year also gets you the cheapest Hulu package. Cyber Monday subscribers will get the Limited Commercials plan, meaning there will be commercial breaks. The ads will play before and during programs. It is still a great discount. Typically, the plan is $7.99 a month, which adds up to $95.88 a year. The Cyber Monday deal for Hulu results in an $84 discount.

Though they’ll have to sit through commercials, they’ll still get to watch all the great programming. “The Handmaid’s Tale” is Hulu’s most successful original series. The dystopian drama follows a handmaid (Elisabeth Moss), a woman sold into sex slavery and forced to have children, living in a totalitarian regime as she tries to find the daughter who was taken from her. The series has won 11 Emmys in the past two years.

Other original TV shows include comic book show “Marvel’s Runaways,” Sarah Silverman’s comedic “I Love You, America,” creepy “Light As A Feather” and period drama “Harlots.” In addition to original TV shows, they have many current broadcast shows. Subscribers can catch episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Good Place” the day after they air.

Movie lovers can also catch some critically-acclaimed gems on the service. Hulu has a wide selection, but it has exclusive rights to recent hits like “I, Tonya,” “RBG,” “Ingrid Goes West” and “The Year of Spectacular Men.”