Humble Trove
Humble Bundle has launched its previously leaked Humble Trove service. Humble Bundle

Digital storefront for video games Humble Bundle has launched a new service called Humble Trove. Find out more about this new feature below.

Humble Bundle’s Humble Trove is now live, and the company is encouraging everyone to check out this new feature when they visit the digital storefront. For Humble Monthly subscribers, they don’t need to do anything to get access to the service. As long as their account is active, they can definitely check out the collection of games available in the new service.

What Is Humble Trove?

Humble Trove is basically Humble Bundle’s new treasure trove for DRM-free games. It comes with a catalog called Humble Originals that is monthly updated with new games. As of this time since the $12 service has just been launched, it only houses 19 titles.

Humble Trove DRM-Free Games For June

Here’s the complete list of DRM-free games available via Humble Trove starting today:

  • “Dustforce DX”

Hitbox Team’s free update to the “Dustforce” game comes with 16 new maps, 109 community-made maps, a redesigned overworld system and so much more.

  • “Volgarr the Viking”

Made by Crazy Viking Studios, this game was made to channel the classic arcade games. It features simple controls and hand-made pixel animation. It also offers a hardcore action experience that’s fit for wannabe Vikings.

“Volgarr” Humble Bundle/Crazy Viking Studios
  • “Starseed Pilgrim”

This Drogen-developed game is all about exploring space, tending a symphonic garden and just embracing fate.

  • “Strike Suit Zero”

This is a spaceship simulator that’s made by Born Ready Games. It is set two hundred and eighty-six years in the future when the Earth is on the brink of extinction.

  • “Cat Girl Without Salad”

WayForward Games’ new offering follows a cat-eared intergalactic bounty hunter named Kebako who is on a hunt for space criminals. The game is a combination of classic shmup shooting, puzzle, arcade, sports, rhythm, platformer and RPG.

  • “Trine Enchanted Edition”

Frozenbyte’s action game is based on interactive physics. Players will be challenged to use physics-based objects in solving puzzles and beating enemies in a world of castles and peculiar machinery.

  • “Shelter”

This game will show you what it’s like to be in the wild and how to survive with all of the dangers lurking out there. Might and Delight did a great job in making a graphically innovative world of nature that will test your survival skills.


This game is said to be a hardcore dodge-’em up by Doseone, Kitty Calis and Jan Willem Nijman. It requires good reflexes and strategic use of the slow-motion feature.

  • “Copoka”

Guru Games designed this game to center on a bird that’s flying freely over the city of Copoka.

  • “Elephant in the Room”

This Might Rabbit Studios-developed game literally focuses on an elephant in the room. The challenge here is to allow the elephant exit the house without getting noticed.

Elephant in the Room
“Elephant in the Room” Mighty Rabbit Studios/Humble Bundle
  • “Gunmental Arcadia Zero”

Minor Key Games designed this game to be a classic platformer with the addition of CRT simulation technology. It features the unrests in the city of Arcadia that young elf Vireo has to pacify.

  • “Spoolside”

This is a small experiment by the gloam collective. All that’s known about the game is that “time furls and unfurls endlessly.”

  • “Keyboard Sports”

Yep, the game does have something to do with a keyboard. Players will be assuming the role of Master QWERTY’s apprentice and join a tournament to become a keyboard master themselves.

  • “Yojimbrawl”

Freelives’s game is a local multiplayer samurai fighting game with classic gameplay. It is set in a blood-splattered landscape with players fighting to death and beyond.

  • “Kimmy”

This is a cute game by Star Maid Games that follows Dana, the babysitter of Kimmy. Dana will help Kimmy make friends with other kids in the neighborhood.

  • “Oh, Deer!”

A Humble Bundle original, this video game conceals its main purpose by letting players focus on drifting a family station wagon along the way to Grandma’s House.

Oh Deer
“Oh, Deer” Humble Bundle
  • “Uurnog”

This Niklas Nygren-made 2D platforming game features AI characters, algorithmic music, two endings, a theme music by D Fast and many more.

  • “Jawns”

Another Humble Bundle original, this is a revival of the classic strategy board game from Philly.

  • “A2Be - A Science Fiction Narrative”

Vagabond Dog’s game explores the concept of destiny and its many wonders.

Humble Trove Leak

Humble Trove may already sound familiar to some Humble Bundle gamers, since the service was leaked a week ago. Previously, some subscribers noticed Humble Trove appearing on the main site, but when they clicked the link for it they were directed to a 404 error message. It was quickly removed back then.