The upcoming “Better Together” update of “Minecraft” will bring all players closer than ever save for those who are accessing the game via Xbox 360 and Wii U. Reuters/Matthew Tostevin

“Minecraft” players will soon have the advantage of accessing the game using most platforms.

Microsoft made some announcements at E3 this weekend, and one of which focused on the upcoming “Better Together” update for the very popular “Minecraft” game. This update will apparently and literally be a game changer as it would enable many players to access the game using all gaming platforms save for Xbox 360, Wii U and the older versions for Mac and Windows.

‘Better Together’ Update Explained

The “Better Together” update is slated for release this summer. CNET says the update was named this way because it will be the one that would bring the relatively isolated versions of the game toward the more prominent version. In this case, the latter pertains to the “Bedrock” version that is built for Windows 10 PCs, Apple TV, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, as well as iOS and Android devices.

With the update, “Minecraft” players who are using Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch will have access to the “Bedrock” version. This means players of the two consoles will gain access to the marketplace and other options available in the “Bedrock” version. Purchases made on any of the supported platforms will reflect across all platforms.

“Our goal is to connect everyone together and, spiritually, that’s what we’re moving toward,” executive producer Jesse Merriam was quoted as saying by Mashable. “As console players come to Bedrock, they will gain a lot of things that already exist [there]… They’ll be able to generate right past the edge of the world they’ve had before. They’ll be able to continue expanding.”

‘Minecraft Java Edition’

Sad to say, the “Better Together” update is not coming to the Xbox 360 and Wii U, so players accessing “Minecraft” using these older consoles won’t have the advantage of cross-platform gaming. Aside from these two, the original versions for Mac and Windows won’t be receiving the summer update as well.

The editions for the four platforms were built with the Java programming language. While they won’t be getting access to the “Bedrock” version, they will remain separate but will be grouped under the umbrella term “Minecraft Java Edition.” On the other hand, those with the “Bedrock” version will simply go by “Minecraft.”

Fortunately, “Minecraft Java Edition” will continue to be developed by Mojang, so players stuck with this version don’t have to worry about anything. “Minecraft” communications manager Aubrey Norris even said, “We have no intention to push people one way or other.” Also, Microsoft stated at E3 that more developers are currently working on the Java version than before, and this shows the company is still committed to supporting it long-term, as pointed out by TIME.

Upside & Downside

The “Better Together” update indeed comes with numerous advantages. For instance, the subscription-based hangout for worlds called Realms works well with the new edition. Needless to say, the worlds created by players and all DLC they bought will be part of the unified version.

Another benefit that this update will bring pertains to the expanded multiplayer slots. Before, only up to five players can adventure together simultaneously. Moving forward, the game now accommodates up to eight players. In a Realms world, the number has been increased to 11. Merriam added that more players can adventure together on the Server experiences.

As for the drawbacks or downside of the upcoming update, Mashable pointed out that players will be required to have a subscription to enjoy cross-platform gaming. Moreover, players will have to be online and stay online to access the different worlds.