Jazz Jennings
Jazz Jennings will confront her father in the upcoming episode of “I Am Jazz” Season 4. Pictured: The television personality attending WE Day California 2016 at The Forum in Inglewood, California on April 7, 2016. Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for WE Day

In “I Am Jazz” Season 4, fans get to see more of Jazz’s medical journey towards fully transitioning from male to female. Throughout the ordeal, the LGBTQ advocate has always received unwavering support from her family. But things will take a different turn in the upcoming episode when Jazz learns her father Greg’s reservations about her bottom surgery.

Right after last week’s episode aired, TLC released a sneak peek at “I Am Jazz” Season 4, episode 4. In the snippet, Jazz and her family are seen driving to New York City for another consultation about Jazz’s surgery. Unfortunately, Jazz isn’t pleased when Greg starts a conversation about the consultation and the medical procedure.

The atmosphere in the car changes when the transgendered teen starts confronting her father about his doubts about the surgery. The expressions on the faces of Jazz’s siblings change when Jazz blurts out, “Is it true that you don’t want me to get the surgery until I’m adult? Is it true?” The teaser then ends with Greg struggling to find words to respond to his emotional daughter.

The synopsis for “I Am Jazz” Season 4, episode 4, titled “Big Trouble in the Big Apple,” reiterates that Jazz and Greg will really argue in the new installment. Greg has always been very supportive of Jazz since she started her transition at the age of five. But he seems reluctant to show his support now that Jazz is finally willing to take the big step in her journey.

However, it appears Greg isn’t the only one who is hesitant about the bottom surgery. The synopsis mentions that Jazz will get extremely anxious when she realizes that the procedure that she’s about to go through is going to be quite painful.

Episode 4 isn’t only going to be about family and medical drama though. Jazz and her family aren’t coming to New York just for the consultation. They have also decided to take this time to unwind and enjoy a family vacation there. Hopefully, they’ll find the drive to go and have fun before Jazz receives what could possibly be another game-changing news from her doctor.

“I Am Jazz” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.