Fashion consultant Ian Connor punched rappers Theophilius London and A$AP Bari in Paris Thursday. London then went on a Twitter rant and accused Connor of being a “dirty rapist.” Back in April, the stylist, who is famously friends with Kanye West, was accused of sexually assaulting a woman. After that, five more women came forward to say Connor raped them.

“Every time I see u I'm gonna f--- you up, every time u dirty f---ing rapist @souljaian #Everytime,” London wrote Thursday afternoon.

But that was just the beginning. London continued to post about Connor, slamming him on Twitter. “You can't be on drugs dancing this good. I got a text from every artist I kno telling me they hate u @souljaian it's real bro lol,” London wrote about Connor. “That was your last tweet ever from me lil n----. It's these hands you got to deal with now.”

Of course, Connor didn’t take the insults without retaliation. While he accused London of being a child molester, he didn’t deny the rape allegations. “And @TheophilusL You Went Broke Last Year and Started Doing Herion Plus You A Whole Child Molester and I Got Physical Proof In My Phone,” he wrote. “Imma Kill You Off With Facts Opposed To Allegations.”

The word about Connor’s alleged rape got out when when accuser Malika Anderson wrote a blog post April 8. She said the incident happened in October 2014. “I pursued charges against Ian Connor for raping me. Yes, that’s right folks, Ian Connor–the fashion n---- people love to stand for–is a rapist,” she wrote. “I want the world to know who they are praising. I know that I will get some backlash for this, the typical rape apologists and misogynists will likely attack as they will be up in ashy arms that their idol is being accused of such a heinous crime. But I don’t care. I know the truth. And I know that I did not want to have sex with Ian Connor. He raped me.”

Connor has not been charged with a crime. He denied Anderson's allegations on Twitter in April. 

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