Ice Cream Sandwich
Ice Cream Sandwich Google

Google finally began rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich update now that Galaxy Nexus hit the shelves. Samsung's Nexus S is the lucky winner and Dec.16 Google started sending the updates out, a process that will take about one month. Nexus S was the second Google branded phone in the line of three devices that offer a pure Google experience with no manufacturer software and minimal carrier installed apps. Using one of the Google phones is the closest you can get to the Android operating system because companies like Motorola, HTC and Samsung all add their own software on top of Android. Because the Android system is all about customization, these overlays can get in the way of tweaking devices just the way people want them.

Google, however, temporarily suspended the Nexus S update Dec. 20, and it may be they are looking at user feedback on any problems that have come up, tech blog The Verge reported. Google will periodically interrupt their over the air updates to take stock of the process and monitor what people are saying about it. While Nexus S owners are no doubt happy, what about the slew of other devices out there that should get the update? After all, Nexus S may be a member of the Google family of phones, but it's been out for over a year. As there has been, until now, no news on how and when devices would get upgraded, that Nexus S was the first to get Android 4.0 lends little to any speculation about who will get it next. In other words, it's hard to say,'well Nexus S was first, so all Samsung devices must be next.'

The other side of that coin is that Samsung has said they will update all of their Galaxy line of phones before March 2012. That could mean that every other Android device will wait in line behind Samsung. Droid Razr owners must be scratching their heads, to say nothing of the Android tablet world. Once Samsung starts rolling out the update to their devices, the carriers will give their own timeline. That means the Galaxy S2 on T-mobile may not get the update at the same time as the Galaxy S2 in AT&T. Tell us in the comments if you got the update for your Nexus S.