iCloud users get 5GB free of storage when setting up an account, but for those who like to take many pictures, the storage space doesn’t last as long.

iCloud allows users to save important things, like photos, contact details, notes and other information.

There are several ways to make more storage space on an iCloud account. The first thing users should do is check how much storage they have left. iOS devices usually warn users when space is filling up or is full.

To get a more detailed view, users on iOS 10.3 or later can:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap on user’s name

  3. Select iCloud  

  4. Tap on iCloud Storage or Manage Storage

How To Make Space In iCloud Storage



By going to their iCloud settings, users can slide the toggle off to stop apps from using their iCloud. Users should check what gets backed up into their iCloud, since some information might not have to be backed up. Apps like Calendars, Reminders, Mail, Notes and other important ones should be connected to iCloud so the information can be accessed across different Apple devices. Apps like games and social media accounts might not be so urgent.

Under the Choose Data To Back Up section (after tapping on Manage Storage > Backup > tapping on device), users can turn the toggle off to remove apps from future backups. iOS device owners should make sure to tap on “Show All Apps” on the bottom to see all the applications. The less apps that get backed up, the smaller the Next Backup Size number gets on the top.  

Delete Backups

Users can also delete previous backups by going to their iCloud settings, selecting Manage Storage, then tapping Backup and selecting the device. Users should then scroll down past the Choose Data To Back Up section and tap on Delete Backup. A window will pop up in which users should tap Turn Off & Delete.


For some users, even the photos app, which tends to take up a lot of space, can be turned off if they have other cloud services they use, like Google Photos.

What Happens When An iCloud Storage Is Full?

If a person’s iCloud storage is full, their device won’t be able to backup, which means new photos, notes and other content won’t be uploaded and available across their Apple gadgets. Users also won’t be able to send or receive messages using their iCloud address if their storage has no more space.

Users who don’t want to delete photos or other content from their iCloud should consider getting a plan. Apple offers 50GB plans for $0.99 a month or 200GB or 2TB plans for families.