A school teacher in Idaho was arrested Tuesday (May 19) for sexually assaulting a student.

According to the court documents, the incidents took place in spring 2019. The unidentified victim, who was 17 years old when the assaults took place, told the investigators that the accused, 51-year-old Patrick Smith, was flirty with his students and would take everything they said as sexual. The victim said she initially ignored his behavior but soon, the teacher crossed the limits. One day, he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. He told her that she was arousing him and that “he had to deal with it all day.”

“Smith kept saying that his life would be easier if she wasn’t so attractive or if she was 18,” the court documents said.

A few days later, the accused allegedly kissed the victim and went on to grope her underneath her clothes. Following the encounter, the teacher messaged her asking if she was okay. The victim replied saying that she was not okay with him touching her. The following day, Smith hugged the girl at school and apologized.

Things didn’t stop there. After the girl turned 18, Smith started hugging her often.

Following an investigation, Smith was taken into custody and charged with felony sexual battery on a minor. He was released from prison Wednesday after he posted a $10,000 bond. He will appear in court June 2 for preliminary hearing.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Bryan Lovell said the accused taught at Technical Careers High School and was a Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputy from 2007 to 2011.

Meanwhile, the school district confirmed that the accused was placed on paid administrative leave and that an internal investigation was underway.

“We are deeply concerned and saddened to learn that a Bonneville School District teacher has been arrested and charged with a crime alleging sexual abuse of a minor. A fundamental goal of the district is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of every student entrusted to our care,” Bonneville Joint School District 93 spokesman Phil Campbell said.

handcuffs-3655288_640 Representational image of a handcuff. Photo: Pixabay