• "I'm Quitting Heroing" Episode 6 is releasing Tuesday
  • The episode will be out on Hidive
  • The anime is based on Quantum's story

Leo helps Mernes overcome his fear of speaking in public. "I'm Quitting Heroing" Episode 6 is titled "The Hero Shares His Tale of Burden."

The official synopsis of "I'm Quitting Heroing" Episode 6 reveals Leo will assist Mernes to improve his communication skills so that he can fulfill his duties as an interviewer.

In a mock interview to check the progress, Mernes asks Leo his purpose for coming to the Demon King's army. Inspired by his sincere attitude, Leo begins to talk about his past.

In Episode 5 of "I'm Quitting Heroing" anime, titled "If You Want to Quit, Talk It Out First," Mernes went missing and Echidna decided to go after him.

Even Edvard was missing and Leo was on a mission to find him. Leo wondered if Mernes and Edvard had deep-rooted issues and that led them to run away.

Later, Mernes appeared before Leo and they had a heart-to-heart conversation. When he asked him about the letter, he confirmed he wanted to leave and go on a short trip.

However, Leo told him that generals don't quit and he was needed during the building phase of the army. He asked if he wanted to quit or if something was bothering him.

Leo used magic to bind him because he didn't want him to run away. He wanted to know why he wanted to leave the squad. Leo stated that if he had decided to leave, he won't stop him.

"There is nothing wrong with quitting a job if it is not a good fit. But one must make sure that it is the best move for them and not something they will eventually regret," read the synopsis of "I'm Quitting Heroing" Episode 5, according to Hidive.

The cast of the anime includes Kensho Ono as Leo Demonheart, Yumi Uchiyama as Mernes, Tetsu Inada as Edvard, Misato Matsuoka as Jerietta, Minori Suzuki as Dianette, Kaede Hondo as Echidna and Hitomi Ohwada as Lily.

The anime is based on the original story by Quantum.

"I'm Quitting Heroing" Episode 6 is coming out Tuesday. Fans in the U.S. can watch the episode online on Hidive.

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