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Clean Mattress
Clean mattress equals healthy sleep Pixabay

The amazing feeling of stepping on to a bed with the sheets and pillowcases freshly changed is hard to forget. The delicate smell of the washed fabric, as you lay your head for a well-deserved sleep, is one of life’s simple pleasures. But did you know that you are still at risk of contracting allergies and infection from your bed? Even though you have been thorough with cleaning your bed linen, your mattress can house an ecosystem of many dangerous organisms that can harm your overall health.

As you enjoy a deep sleep each night, your mattress is taking a lot of your body fluids such as sweat and dead skin cells. These collect over time and become a haven for bacteria and fungi. If you are intolerant to spores or dust mites, you may be at risk of having those allergies flare up. You can also contract infections in your lungs and gut. Besides that, unclean mattresses attract bed bugs and other pests, no matter how well you have washed your sheets and pillowcases.

Make sure you clean your mattress regularly with these simple steps. It will go a long way to improving your health and prevent infections.

Ensure Mattress Cleanliness
You spend a third of your day on a mattress. Make sure you clean it regularly. Pixabay

1. Launder bed linen regularly

This is the first step in the cleaning process. Remove all bedding and sheets from your mattress and launder them every week. Use a good laundry detergent on your bed linen and wash them with warm water for maximum cleaning effect. Set your drier to high heat while drying your linen. Besides regular washing, if you find a fresh stain on your linen, make sure you remove it and wash it immediately, rather than wait for a set laundry day. Treat bed linen like you would treat a stain on your clothes. Do not use it again until you have removed the stain.

2. Use a vacuum to remove dust from the mattress surface

You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner on the surface of the mattress, but do not forget the bedstand and upholstery, too. This will help you get rid of any small dust particles and insects that may have made their home in your mattress. Make sure you take extra care and run the vacuum cleaner over small cracks and crevices in your bedstand or any torn areas in your mattress, since they are the hotspots for dust to gather and insects to nest. Do not forget your pillow. Vacuum cleaning your mattress and pillow can remove most of your dead skin material or strands of hair that may have fallen off.

3. Treat older stains on the mattress with a stain remover

After you finish vacuuming, look for patches of old stains that have dried up and use a stain remover to get rid of them. The best kinds of stain removers are those that come with disinfectants that can kill off any germs that could be present. A stain remover with some warm water will not only make your mattress look cleaner, but they can also remove foul odor if there's any.

4. Use baking soda to keep dehumidify your mattress

Baking soda can absorb all the fluids lodged in the mattress. This includes all your bodily fluids that have gathered over many nights of sleep and anything spilled on it. Baking soda is a dry powder that you dust off or easily remove with a vacuum cleaner, so do not worry about using as much as a pound on your mattress for best results.

While you have spread baking soda, the best practice is to leave it on for about 24-hours. Find alternate sleeping facilities or do it when you are going out for the weekend. Your bed will become super clean and will even smell better after this.

5. Expose the mattress to sunlight

Expose your mattress to Sunlight
The sun is a natural disinfectant Pixabay

The ultraviolet rays of sunlight are a natural disinfectant. If you are living in an area with bright sunshine, the best thing you can do for your mattress is to leave it exposed to the sun for an entire day. This will help dry up the mattress of all fluids and will also kill off any bacteria or fungi living in it. Sunlight also ensures any bugs living on your mattress show themselves out.

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Don't forget to clean your pillows too Pixabay

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Your mattress is something you spend about a third of a day on daily. Looking after this important part of your household will go a long way in keeping you and your family healthy and free from any disease.