Pregnant 17-year-old cheerleader, Breana Rouhselang, was found in a dumpster on Sunday near her home in Mishawaka, Indiana. The Associated Press has reported that a 16-year old football player, Aaron Trejo, has been charged of murder for the crime.

Trejo is in police custody at the St. Joseph County Jail and is being held without bond, according to CBS News. Trejo, a member of the Mishawaka High School football team, is suspected of killing Rouhselang, who was reportedly the football team manager as well as a cheerleader, and softball coach.

Rouhselang’s stepmother told WNDU-TV that her daughter was six months pregnant. Trejo told investigators that he was angry that Rouhselang waited so long to tell him she was pregnant with his child and that it was too late for her to get an abortion, the Associated Press reported.

The court filings indicated that Trejo stabbed Rouhselang during a fight over her pregnancy. He then put her body in the dumpster and walked to a river where he threw her phone and the knife he used as far as could into the river, according to police.

The Associated Press reported that Trejo told investigators that he had been planning on killing Rouhselang for about a week and had not told anyone about his plans. The autopsy report showed that Rouhselang died from multiple stab wounds. A scarf was also tied tightly around her neck that caused strangulation before she died.

According to reports, Rouhselang’s family last saw the girl on Saturday night. They called police early Sunday morning when they became concerned about her whereabouts. The police located the body of Rouhselang in a restaurant dumpster located approximately a block from her home. Trejo was arrested the same day; the Associated Press has reported.

Trejo was charged as an adult with murder for the killing of Rouhselang and her baby. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday. He had no attorney on record.