• Bethesda shared a brief teaser of a new "Indiana Jones" game
  • The teaser reportedly contains some easter eggs
  • Bethesda has not yet revealed the release date of the upcoming game

Machine Games and Bethesda announced on Tuesday that they are working on a new “Indiana Jones” game. Aside from the excitement, some eagle-eyed fans noticed several easter eggs in the game that offer clues about some of its settings and features,

On its official Twitter account, Bethesda shared a brief teaser of “Indiana Jones.” The upcoming game is seemingly set in 1937 as shown in the plane ticket to Rome. If this is the correct timeline, the year places the game in between the events that took place in the films, “Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “ Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade.”

Folks at GamesRadar uncovered some more easter eggs that may clue in fans about the locations in the game and potential enemies. One of these is that the year 1937 is the same year the Italian leader Benito Mussolini returned to Rome following his trip to Germany in 1936. Mussolini’s visit resulted in the creation of the Berlin-Rome Axis, a military alliance. 

Bethesda A general view of atmosphere as Bethesda Softworks shows off new video game experiences at its E3 Showcase and Bethesdaland event at the Los Angeles Center Studios ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) happening at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 11, 2017. Photo: Getty Images

The year 1937 is the same year, that the Italian fascist leader was presented the Sword of Islam, which according to the site, resembles an Indiana Jones relic. There is a great chance that “Indiana Jones” is going against fascists and Nazis, the site speculates. The binder on the desk reportedly hints that the U.S. government has a hand in the protagonist’s adventure, which is always the case in the movie. 

Bethesda’s “Indiana Jones” might feature Rome. Aside from the possible links mentioned above, the site claims that the game might involve the Vatican based on the letter addressed to a “Father ___” on the typewriter and the blueprint of the Vatican. The books titled “Myths that Made,” “Forbidden Stones” and “Ancient Circles” all have references to ruins outside of Rome.

Twitter user Malekawt, meanwhile, claims that during Todd Howard’s interview with Xbox, several items linking to “Indiana Jones” are seen behind the game executive. He cites the miniature replica of the Ark of the Covenant and a golden idol that Indy took in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” before he was captured by the natives. 

At the time of this writing, Bethesda has not yet announced when it plans to release the game or if it going to be released as an Xbox-exclusive title.