Intellectual Property

Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, On iPhone 5 Patent Litigation: 'I Hate It'

Steve Wozniak, the programmer and computer engineer who helped launch what would later become Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), didn't have the best things to say about his former company when the subject of Apple's recent legal battle with Samsung (KRX:005930) came up, even as he expressed his anticipation for purchasing the new iPhone 5. Speaking to Bloomberg about Wednesday's launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 unveiling, Wozniak praised the iPhone 5, but also commented on the recent ...

Volt A 'Technology Masterpiece,' Not A Loss-Leader: Bob Lutz, Former GM Exec

A former high-level General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) executive -- widely considered to be the godfather of the company's foray into electric-vehicle production --struck back Tuesday at the assertion the carmaker might be losing nearly $50,000 on each one of the signature Volt plug-in vehicles the firm has sold so far.

Sony Faces Piracy Concerns Following PS Vita, Mobile Hacks

Following reports earlier this week of Apple allowing hackers into its iCloud service, Sony Corportation is facing similar concerns over the security of its data across everything from its mobile-phone business to its new mobile gaming console, the Playstation Vita. In addition to piracy concerns, the new hacks highlight the relative weakness of the PS Vita's performance so far in the gaming market.

Silicon Valley Is Dying - Yammer CEO

David Sacks took to Facebook over the weekend to air his grievances about the state of the revered San Franciso Bay Area long assumed to be the centerpiece for innovation within the tech industry, giving a gloomy prediction of the tech industry's future shortly after selling his own company to Microsoft.

Showdown for Big Pharma in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will hear final arguments starting this week in a landmark case over drug patents that could change the rules for the country's healthcare sector and potentially curb its global role as a supplier of cut-price generic medicines.

Samsung Ships Galaxy Note 10.1 To Battle iPad Dominance

Samsung Electronics (Seoul: 005930) started shipping its $499 Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in a bid for market share against the iPad from Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), the world's most valuable technology company. On of its innovations is an electronic stylus called the S Pen, first unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January.