• Nintendo denied rumors about the Switch Pro
  • The company instead released the Switch OLED
  • The new hybrid console retails at $349.99

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo launched the Switch OLED on Oct. 8. This hasn't stopped fans from hoping the heavily rumored Switch Pro would come out next year. Based on a recent leak, however, it seems this will remain as mere wishful thinking.

There have been a lot of reports and rumors related to the Nintendo Switch Pro despite repeated denial from the company's top executives. Interestingly, a Nintendo insider who goes by the name Nate The Hate shared some new details about the supposed powerful version of the hybrid gaming console.

According to this insider, the supposed Nintendo Switch Pro is not happening at all because Nintendo is currently working on a next-generation gaming system. Unfortunately, they said they have no idea how this next-gen Switch would be positioned or advertised in the market.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) - Announcement Trailer
Meet the newest entry to the Nintendo Switch family! Nintendo Switch (OLED model) brings the versatility of the Nintendo Switch experience with a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, and more. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) releases on October 8. Nintendo Official YouTube Channel

The tipster also said from now on, they are going to refer to the product as the Nintendo Switch 4K.

"Since the Bloomberg article came out, I've reached out to numerous contacts of my own to try to make sense of the information. ... I will no longer be referring to this as a 'Switch Pro,'" the insider said in a YouTube video uploaded Thursday.

Based on the insider's information, it looks like the Nintendo Switch 4K will depend on NVIDIA's DLSS technology to offer higher resolution gameplay—a claim that has been revealed by several reports and insiders.

"Because it does have 4K capability and that is going to be achieved with DLSS. Those facts are solid, there is substantial evidence backing that information and there's no reason to anticipate that is going to change anytime soon," the insider further said in the video.

The insider also believes the Nintendo Switch 4K, or whatever the company wants to call it, will be released sometime in the six-month window between Q4 2022 and the end of Q1 2023.

Nate The Hate is a known insider in the industry and while the details they provided are exciting, these are not official. Like all other leaks, fans should temper their expectations and take these pieces of information with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, Nintendo's latest gaming console, the Switch OLED is now available at various stores across the globe. It has a suggested retail price of $349.99.