Instagram might announce a new long-form video hub for its app on June 20. REUTERS/Thomas White

It was reported earlier this week that Instagram is planning to let its users upload hour-long videos on its app. Now, a new report claims that Instagram might actually launch its own long-form video hub later this month.

Instagram is said to announce its long-form video effort on June 20, according to TechCrunch. The company is reportedly introducing the new video hub along with its launch partners. Video content on Instagram’s new hub won’t be on the same level as Netflix Originals or HBO’s shows, but the new feature will focus on offering content that users would typically see on YouTube.

If accurate, then users should expect content on Instagram’s video hub to be somewhere between five and 15 minutes in length, and shot with decent cameras with good lighting. Although shows on the video hub will be for Instagram’s content partners, regular users will be able to upload videos that are longer than 60 seconds.

Instagram is also planning to let creators and publishers earn money from their long videos. But exactly how this will happen hasn’t been finalized. What’s certain for now is that Instagram won’t be paying creators up-front for their shows like Facebook Watch. Videos will also feature a swipe-up option that lets the audience open a link. This could let creators drive traffic to their websites, stores and other e-commerce sites.

The new Instagram video hub will also have a spotlight section where popular videos are grouped in one place. There’s also a “continue watching” option. It remains unclear what Instagram’s new long-form video will be named and where exactly it will be located in the mobile app. One possibility here is that it might be placed in the Explore Tab, or it might even get its own dedicated tab in the app. Instagram could launch the new video feature in a separate, standalone app.

The Instagram video hub will also be the company’s own take on Snapchat Discover, which offers scripted shows and music videos in up to 4K resolution. Like the content on Snapchat Discover and Verizon’s Go90, content on Instagram’s video hub will primarily be formatted for vertical viewing, according to Engadget.

As mentioned earlier, Instagram is planning to announce the new video feature on June 20. However, the company’s plans for the announcement and the features for the long-form video could still change.