Instagram is rolling out a feature that lets users mute posts and stories. Reuters/Dado Ruvic

Facebook-owned, photo-sharing platform Instagram is giving its users the ability to mute content from people and brands they don’t want to see anymore without unfollowing their accounts.

Instagram announced Tuesday via a press release the new Mute feature of its app. According to the company, this feature offers a new way for users to control what they will only see on the platform. Instagram also said that Mute makes it possible for users to personalize their feed since it would only allow content that really matters to them.

Instagram’s Mute basically offers the option of hiding posts in feed from accounts chosen by the users themselves. Users will still be able to see posts on their profile page and get notifications about comments and posts that they are tagged in. There’s also the benefit that the accounts users mute will not have any knowledge that they have been muted.

To use the Mute feature, one should tap the ellipses menu at the top right corner of a post. Doing so will display the different options the user can do to the post. There are three options provided by the new feature: Mute Posts, Mute Story and Mute Posts and Story. Choosing any of them will prevent the account’s posts and or stories from showing up on the user’s Instagram feed.

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Instagram has also made it possible for users to mute accounts. Simply press and hold on a story in the story tray or from a profile and the option to do so will appear. Once done, users will no longer be bothered by content shared by the muted account. This is pretty much like Facebook’s muting feature that enables users to unfollow other people without unfriending them, as pointed out by MacRumors.

“We’re aiming to make feed the best place to share and connect with the people and interests you care about,” Instagram said. “With this [feature], you can make your feed even more personalized to what matters to you.” Instagram is rolling out Mute in the coming weeks.

Instagram has been hard at work in improving its platform regularly. The company is currently developing digital health features like “Time Spent” usage and “You’re All Caught Up” notifications. Two months ago, it introduced algorithm changes that improved the browsing experience of the social media platform.