Instagram is testing a new feature that allows users to share other people's posts as Instagram Stories. REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Instagram still doesn’t have a native “Regram” feature that allows users to repost other people’s posts, but the company is testing a new feature that’s very similar to it. The company has confirmed that it has began testing a feature that lets users share public posts from other users as an Instagram Story.

The feature was first discovered by app developer Zachary Shakked, who also shared screenshots of the new feature on the Instagram app. Matt Navarra from The Next Web also shared a video on how Instagram’s new “Reshare post to Story” feature works. Users will be able to resize, reposition and align a public post and share it to their own Instagram Stories.

Like any regular Instagram Story, users will be able to add stickers, gifs, and texts along with the reshared post. The colored background for the Instagram Story also appears to be based on the color of the post the user will share. Reshared public posts can also be formatted to include the original poster’s username.

“We are always testing ways to make it easier to share any moment with friends on Instagram,” the company told TechCrunch. Instagram also said that this new feature is only being tested to a “small percentage of users.” Seeing that this is something that a lot of Instagram users would want, it’s very likely that Instagram will roll out this new feature to everyone at some point in the near future.

For those lucky enough to already have the feature on their Instagram app, the new “Add post to your story” option should appear when users tap on the share icon underneath a post, according to The Verge. For users who want to keep their posts private, they can go to Settings > Story Settings and disable “Allow Resharing to Stories.” This Settings option is already available to some users who still do not have the ability to reshare public posts.

Even though this new feature isn’t available to all users yet, sharing other people’s Instagram posts as their own Instagram Story seems to be common practice. However, users would have to rely on taking a screenshot. Perhaps this method of sharing posts is so popular that Instagram finally decided to add a native resharing feature to its app.

Instagram has actively been testing several new features for its app for the last couple of months now, and some of them have already ended up becoming real products. Back in November, it was also discovered that Instagram was testing a native “Regram” button for its app. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not yet ready for release.