Instagram has made more success in keeping users fully engaged in social media. However, the fast-evolving social media world demands constant innovation and new features. 

To stay relevant and cope with the fast-changing environment, Instagram has launched a new video-music remix feature in Brazil that, reportedly, copies some of the best-known features popularized by another famous social media tool called TikTok.

The Verge reported Reels will let users make 15-second video clips adjust the video speed, set them to music and share them as Stories. The video will also get a chance to get viral when shared with the wider audience via Top Reels, the newly-launched section in Instagram’s Explore tab. 

Like TikTok, Reels will also allow users to select tracks from a huge music catalog, or simply borrow the audio from other videos, similar to the "Duet" feature of TikTok. Facebook’s massive music collection is expected to power Instagram's new feature. Users can pick the song they want from the massive music library and record their own to create a remix of their joke, TechCrunch reported.

But, unlike the Chinese social rival, Reels will get a huge boost from Instagram’s direct messaging features, allowing Instagram users to share their Reels video via a Direct Message. Additionally, the new feature also includes a ghost tool that provides a much easier way to line up shots and a countdown timer to help users get the right timing.  Instagram users can find this new exciting feature inside Stores, just next to Boomerang and Super-Zoom features.

Instagram's new Reels feature is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. Unfortunately, this feature will only be made available in Brazil, and they're still no plans to launch it in other countries.

Instagram isn’t the only company that has tried to compete with TikTok. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has also tried to compete with TikTok when it’s introduced its short video-sharing app Lasso in November 2018. Lasso allows users to upload their own videos with music as well as find trending videos via the app's hashtag tools. However, the video-sharing application hasn't made much buzz in the social world and failed to attract more users.