• Intel is preparing to launch the 11th generation Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs
  • The company is rumored working on a 14th Generation chip
  • The Intel Luna Lake reportedly will replace the Meteor Lake processors

Intel is reportedly commencing the development of the rumored 14th Generation Luna Lake processors. Rumors have it that the company's rolling out of chips' first support through the latest Linux patches hints at its potential launch window.

The term "Intel Luna Lake" processor was spotted by Coelacanth's Dream via Videocardz on a page showing a patch that introduced support for the unannounced CPU. The patch notes are for the Intel Ethernet Driver e1000e, which is a 1 Gbps NIC for Linux systems. Based on the patch notes, support for Intel Meteor Lake CPU was added last October 2020.

While not much detail about the specs of the processor is available, what makes it interesting is that it hinted at a possible company timeline. AMD is already way ahead of Intel when it comes to processors. The company is already preparing the second-round 7nm node CPUs from TSMC.

Iris Xᵉ on 11th Gen Intel Core | Intel
The 11th Gen Intel Core with Iris Xᵉ Graphics takes graphics to wonderful new places. Intel YouTube Channel

When AMD releases the Zen 4 sometime this year or early next year, it will move on to a 5nm chipset, suggesting that Intel has a lot of catching up to do. The Intel Luna Lake CPU series will be reportedly replacing the Meteor Lake processors sometime in 2023 or 2024, according to earlier rumors. Interestingly, AdoredTV claimed that Intel will release an intermediary Alder Lake refresh series, apparently called "Raptor Lake," sometime next year.

In November, content creator and industry insider Moore's Law is Dead shared on YouTube some details about Intel's future goals. According to the information, Meteor Lake would be founded on the new Redwood Cove architecture developed from the ground up. The said processor will reportedly see a shift to 7nm. Additionally, the insider mentioned the Luna Lake CPU but cautioned fans on speculating too much about it considering how far off it could release.

At this point, nothing is official about the Intel Luna Lake CPU. Consumers should take note that the launch schedule is always subject to change and there is a possibility that the product might be canceled along the way before seeing its official release. But, the latest patch notes, in some way, suggest that the Luna Lake could be in the works given that it is described as the next Intel Client platform.