After a series of Kinect hacks in recent months, Intel has used the Microsoft Kinect camera along with other open source software to enable photo-realistic rendering of 3D models into 3D images that are indistinguishable from a photograph.

The idea is to create a screenvideo chat without having to click to decline anything. You could see who was trying to reach you, and look directly at the camera if you want to respond to the person.

Intel also demonstrated a system by which your age and your gender can be determined by using Kinect and other open software sources. The software can also pick up basic emotions like happy, sad or angry. The Kinect creates a realistic 3D avatar of you, which moves around in real time and follows your movements.

For online shoppers, Intel’s transparent 3D internet technology will allow 3D-like realistic viewing of online content without proprietary browser plugins. It will enable shoppers to virtually feel the merchandize, while sitting in their living room.

Though all these projects were done using open source software, the engineers at Intel say they cannot wait until Microsoft releases an SDK to their widely popular Kinect camera, reports PC World.