The Hospitality Training Association (HTA) has requested to all levels of government to address the nation's international education export industry.

HTA chief executive Philip Philip Charlton told Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Christopher Evans in an open letter that the economy may suffer a $9 billion loss if government policies are not renewed.

Mr. Charlton said Australia will have 30 per cent decrease in international students applying for study visa this year due to the Federal Government policy and visa changes.

“Independent reports commissioned by the Australia Council for Private Education and Training, taking into account DIAC’s (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) projections, have forecast that the Australian international education sector could lose $4.8 billion this year from this sheer drop in the number of students coming to Australia,” Mr. Charlton said.

He added that the decrease of international students will hit not only the international education industry, but also the nation's retail, accommodation, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

“As a result, this could equate to an additional $4.2 billion loss for businesses and local communities,” he argued.

The HTA chief called on the Government to act immediately on the issue to reduce the impact on Australian jobs and businesses.

“Governments of all levels need to take responsibility, start listening to the international education sector and work together,” he said.