A new book and podcast will take a look at the circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Diana. While that isn't exactly new news, the fact that it includes an interview with Le Van Thanh is.

The upcoming book, titled "Diana: Case Solved," written by Dylan Howard and Colin McLaren, claims to be "the definitive account and evidence that proves what really happened.” The book also features an interview with Van Thanh, the man who, according to AOL, "reportedly was driving a white Fiat Uno that clipped Diana’s car before the fatal Paris crash" and "for 22 years, has been ordered to remain silent."

In addition to the publication, a 12-part documentary hosted by renowned homicide detective McLaren will be released every Tuesday starting Sept. 3. Us Weekly reported that the series will feature "a global team of detectives, pathologists, and insiders dissecting evidence, tracking down new evidence, studying audio recordings, and interviewing key players to arrive at startling new conclusions."

In light of this new evidence could Princess Diana's case be reopened? Michael Cole, the Former spokesperson for Dodi Al Fayed, who was in a romantic relationship with Princess Diana and died in the car crash alongside her, thinks so.

“As a matter of urgency, this information should be conveyed to an officer of the court," Cole told McLaren and co-author Dylan Howard, according to an excerpt from "Diana: Case Solved" provided to Radar Online.

"If it is reported to the French police or the British police, then there will be the temptation, or the possibility anyway, that somehow the information will be buried," he said. "But it certainly is prima facie cause for a new thoroughgoing look at what went on, because if this was going on, what else was going on?”

Prince Charles and Princess Diana are pictured leaving Westminster Abbey on Feb. 28, 1982. Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images