Prince Charles shockingly grabbed Princess Diana’s breast in a rare intimate photo.

The Prince and Princess of Wales had an “unhappy” marriage. Some even believed that Prince Charles never really loved Princess Diana because he set his heart to Camilla Parker Bowles.

However, those claims contradict the intimate photos of the royal couple that were shared on Instagram. In one photo, the couple can be seen sunbathing and they are visibly enjoying their time together.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are all smiles while wearing their swimwear. Both accessorize with dark shades. However, there is something very surprising in the intimate snap. Prince Charles is shockingly holding one of Princess Diana’s breasts. Meanwhile, she puts one of her legs on Prince Charles.

In another photo, Princess Diana can be seen wearing the same two-piece bikini. According to one royal fan, she was five months pregnant with Prince William at the time.

Contrary to what some believed that their marriage was entirely unhappy, according to royal expert Ingrid Seward, there was a time when the couple was really happy with their relationship. She noticed this before Prince Harry was born.

“There was a period, and I suppose it was after William was born when they were very happy,” Seward said. “But it just didn’t last for very long.”

However, when the couple was about to welcome their second son, their relationship had already turned sour. According to Seward, by the time the Duke of Sussex was born, he was already born into an “unhappy marriage.”

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana eventually ended their relationship, Prince William and Prince Harry were very affected. The two boys were hurt when they heard about the rumors that their father never loved their mom.

“What concerned them most was the assertion that Prince Charles had been forced into marriage by their grandfather, Prince Philip, and that he had never loved their mother,” Morton said. “It was yet another emotionally disorientating and disturbing episode for the two boys to absorb.”

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles at the Chelsea Flower Show, London, May 1984. She is wearing a navy maternity coat by Jan van Velden. Getty Images/Jayne Fincher