Apple rolled out the third pre-release version of the upcoming iOS 10 major update, iOS 10.3, to developers this Monday. Although the details of this new beta version have yet to be revealed, some developers and beta testers are already hoping for it to address the problem they found in the first two beta versions. Apparently, some testers are saying the pre-release software causes the iPhone 6s Plus battery to drain faster than the usual.

On MacRumor’s report about the rollout of iOS 10.3 to developers, some beta testers are complaining about a major battery issue found in the previous betas. One tester stated, “6s Plus was having major battery drain on first two betas. Hoping they got the kinks worked out.” Another tester chimed in: “Same. My battery has been dire. I can loose [sic] 30 percent in just over an hour doing little to nothing … I am tempted to use a battery pack just to get through the day right now. Don’t care what they do apart from this, but the battery needs fixing.”

On the Apple subreddit about the newly released iOS 10.3 beta 3, some users are also claiming the same thing. One developer commented about his iPhone 6s Plus battery draining fast with the previous developer beta. Another developer wrote about experiencing the same problem on his iPhone 7 handset, even in standby mode.

On YouTube-uploaded reviews of the beta releases, some testers also complained about battery issues. For example, on zollotech’s review of iOS 10.3 beta 2, testers left comments on how the software disappointed them in terms of battery performance. Even the reviewer himself admitted of experiencing the problem on his iPhone device. Nevertheless, it isn’t known yet if the battery problem is widespread.

Meanwhile, the third beta release of iOS 10.3 is found to improve the stability and responsiveness of iPhones and iPads. The release notes for the beta software have yet to be released, but 9To5Mac says users can already expect Find My AirPods support, CarPlay improvements and many other favorable changes to be part of it. Previously leaked iOS 3 details also mentioned an app review feature in which developers can directly respond to reviews and comments of users.