iOS 10.3
The notes of the iOS 10.3 software update. Apple

Apple quietly released iOS 10.3 Monday after weeks of beta testing. The iOS 10.3 release date includes a new Apple File System, Siri improvements and the much-needed find my AirPods feature.

iOS 10.3 allows users to find their AirPods using the “Find my iPhone app,” something iPhone 7 users are eager to have access to, another feature will limit the frequency with which users are prompted to review apps.

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Before you get too excited and start downloading it, be sure to backup your phone.

iOS 10.3 Features: Apple File System, Siri, More

Additionally the update migrates current files from HFS+ and HFS file formats to the new, better and faster, Apple File System. But the two systems may not be fully compatible, and even if they are, you want to make sure you have all of your data backed up just in case.

Other features of the update gives users “more ways to use Siri with payment, ride booking and automaker apps,” says the update description. The other improvements include support for sending podcasts via Messages in full with playback enabled.

The new iOS will also help ensure that all of your Apple devices run more smoothly, this includes the ability to rent once on iTunes and watch across all devices and unifies Apple ID information across all devices.

The warning box that was reported in beta that details that 32-bit apps won’t work with future versions of iOS is also appearing with the update. This means that come iOS 11, probably, any app that is still not designed for a 64-bit processor won’t work.