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Charging your iPhone or iPad before installing is a requirement if you want the download to be successful.

The iOS 11 update is out and users are finally getting to play with the new features and hidden tricks it has to offer. One new iOS 11 feature that was available in the beta version of the software that users are excited about is the screen recording capability.

Not only is your phone getting an upgrade to its software, your screenshots are getting upgraded too because now you can screen record as you flip through photos or scroll through a conversation to then send to a friend.

You can record without sound or you can narrate as you go to help give as much context and information possible for whatever you’re recording on your screen.

How to record screen on iOS 11:

First you’ll need to make sure you have iOS 11. This might take some time to download, and you should make sure you back up your device onto a computer or onto the cloud before you update your software. This way, if anything happens to get deleted you’ll still have everything saved elsewhere.

Updating may take some time, you can find the update by going to “Settings” and then choosing “General” and then “Software Update.” You’ll probably also want to make sure your device is plugged in and charging so the update doesn’t completely drain your battery.

Once you’re running on iOS 11 you should have the screen-recording feature. First you’ll need to add it to the control center on your phone. To add it, go to “Settings” again and then choose “Control Center” and “Customize Controls.” Once there you should see “Screen Recording” add it to the control center. It should then appear in the control center when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

The screen recording button resembles the capture button on your phone’s camera when using it to record video, a filled in circle with a ring around it. Once you select the screen recording button you’ll have three seconds to get to whatever you want to record, whether that’s a message conversation or photo album. This recording will not be accompanied by sound. You’ll notice that once it starts recording you’ll see a red status bar at the top of your phone screen. You can tap this bar any time to stop the recording.

If you want to add sound you’ll have to do a long press on the screen recording button, this will prompt a button to turn microphone recording on or off. Select on and then begin recording. The recordings will save to your camera roll where you can access it later or select it to edit or send to a friend.