Apple recently released iOS 11.2 , its latest update for mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad. With the update, the company introduced Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer cash transfer system.

While the feature was not initially activated by Apple—the company was forced to push the update out earlier than expected to address a serious bug—Apple Pay Cash has slowly started to be made available to users in the United States as of Monday.

Apple Pay Cash operates much like Venmo or Square Cash. It allows users to quickly exchange money without cash physically changing hands and without the hassle of bank fees or other hassles that make it hard to send money.

As the name suggests, Apple Pay Cash operates as part of Apple Pay, which allows users to make purchases with their phone using a linked debit or credit card. Users can send and receive money through iMessages and the money is added to a user’s Apple Pay balance that can be used for purchases or transferred to a bank account.

The feature will also make its way to the Apple Watch in the near future with the release of Watch OS 4.2. That updated is expected to be made available for the Apple Watch later this week.

Apple Pay Cash Activation: How To Turn On, Set Up

To setting up Apple Pay Cash first requires having a compatible device that is running iOS 11.2 or later. Devices compatible with Apple Pay Cash include the iPhone SE and any iPhone 6 or newer. The iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation) iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 and 4 are also compatible.

For non-iOS devices, every Apple Watch will be compatible and any Mac made in 2012 or later will be able to send and receive Apple Pay Cash.

Apple Pay Cash also requires two-factor authentication be enabled for Apple ID. In order to turn on two-factor authentication, go to the Settings App, tap on the account name at the top of the menu, and open the “Password & Security” menu. Tap “Turn on Two-Factor Authentication” and follow the steps on screen.

Two-factor authentication will require users enter a secondary code when logging into iCloud in order to confirm their identity. It acts as a second layer of security—and a necessary one as sending money from an account will be made easy with Apple Pay Cash.

Once two-factor authentication is set up, make sure a credit or debit card is linked in Wallet. To link a card in Wallet, open the Wallet app and tap the “plus” or “add” symbol on the right hand side of the screen. A tutorial will walk through the steps of adding a card. Follow those direction, then choose to allow the card to be used with Apple Pay. This will require verification from the card’s issuing bank. Once verified, the card will be available in Apple Pay.

With a card linked to Apple Pay, users can finally activate Apple Pay Cash. In order to activate the new feature, tap the Settings app and open “Wallet & Apple Pay.” Tap the “Apple Pay Cash” card and follow the instructions on screen.

How To Send Cash With Apple Pay Cash

Once Apple Cash Pay is set up, users can send money through iMessages. Open the Messages app, then start a new conservation or open an existing one.  Tap the Apps icon next to the text box, then tap the Apple Pay icon.

Tap the “+” or “-” symbol to set the amount, or tap “Show Keypad” to type in an amount. Once the amount is set, tap “Pay.” Enter an option message in the text box, then hit send. Confirm the payment with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode.