Apple iPhone X
iOS 11.3, the latest operating system for iPhone, includes a feature to turn off performance throttling. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple released iOS 11.3, the latest update to its mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, Wednesday. The update includes a number of new features, including one that allows users to turn off Apple’s controversial performance throttling feature for older iPhones.

The update also introduces a number of new features including new Animoji for iPhone X users, Business Chat for iMessage in the United States, new Health Records features in Health, and some standard bug fixes and performance improvements.

The headliner of the latest iOS update from Apple is the new battery features, which give users more control over how the device handles battery usage. The feature, called iPhone Battery Health, is technically in beta but is available to use in iOS 11.3.

Once the update is installed, users will be able to use iPhone Battery Health to take control over how the device handles performance and battery issues as it ages. Users will be able to determine if they want to allow iOS to slow the performance of the device in order to preserve battery life or continue operating at peak performance at the risk of draining the battery quickly.

The feature was introduced in response to the revelation that Apple had been intentionally slowing the performance of older iPhones in order to maximize the life of the battery. The company previously did so by default and offered no opt-out option.

Once it was revealed Apple was throttling devices, the company faced lawsuits from consumers who objected to the forced slowing of their iPhones. Apple apologized for the behavior and appears to be trying to make it right with the inclusion of the iPhone Battery Health feature.

Users will be able to find the new feature by opening their Settings app, selecting the Battery menu and opening Battery Health (Beta). The feature is only available on devices running iOS 11.3 and will only be available for iPhone 6 and newer devices.

In addition to the latest performance controls, Apple has also introduced four new Animoji on iPhone X, which allows users to create animated emoji that mimic their facial behavior.

Apple also introduced Business Chat for iMessage, which will allow users to communicate via text with businesses like Discover, Hilton, Lowe’s and Wells Fargo. The update also includes new Health Records features for the Health app, which will automatically populate with information from more than 40 major health systems.