The dark mode feature has been gaining popularity as of late, as proven by Facebook’s addition of the feature on its mobile app version. And datamined information for Apple’s iOS 13 and Google’s Android Q updates recently showed the inclusion of the dark mode feature. Here’s what we know about the iOS 13 and Android Q feature.

According to AndroidPolice, the Android Q update given out to developers includes dark mode support. However, the new Android update apparently supports three versions of this dark mode. So far, Google seems to have three variations of dark mode.

The built-in dark mode in Android Q sports a standard black color where most of the device’s menu are supposed to be brightly lit. Meanwhile, the two remaining variations come from a supposed bug where it features the dark screen with a dark gray color mixed in.

The last one comes from tinkering with the Android Q’s codes where using the “overridden” dark mode would also feature dark gray colors save for the drop down menus for phone settings.

For now, we can only wait for Android Q’s official release to see how Google will handle the dark mode feature for their devices.

Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly also planning to include a dark mode feature in their iOS 13 update. 9to5Mac reported that they’ve obtained some screenshots of the iOS 13 from unspecified insider sources. These screenshots show that the iOS 13 would also support a dark mode feature like the Android Q.

For the iOS 13, the dark mode can be activated through its Settings menu or a shortcut option in the Control Center for faster switching. Once activated, most of the device’s bright menus turn to black.

This feature is mostly obvious on the Dock, where a dark background can be seen instead of a lighter one. Due to the dark mode’s colors, its OLED screens will spend less energy on producing the black colors on the screen.

Apple has yet to talk about the iOS 13 in full detail, but the company might announce some new details during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 this coming June.

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A leaked document reportedly reveals that Apple iOS 13.3 build is coming as early as Dec.11. Getty Images/Andrew Burton