The iOS 13 has some hidden features that aren’t easy to find while simply using the device. Turning Safari screenshots into PDF files, setting reading goals, and other features can be found in this new update. Here’s some of the new update’s features.

Reading Goals

The Books app update on the iOS 13 includes adding reading goals for your eBooks. The feature tracks your progress in reading eBooks and adds goals to motivate users to read more.

Safari Webpage Screenshots Into PDF

The iOS 13 also allows its users to download webpages for offline use as a PDF file. Users will simply need to take a screenshot of the page and the iPhone will download the page as a PDF. This PDF file can also be shared and saved immediately. It can also be edited on Markup if needed.

Low Data Mode

Another iOS 13 feature allows its users to limit the network data that apps can use. Turning on the Low Data mode in the Cellular settings in the Settings app will reduce the network use of your data. The Low Data mode can also be set to specific Wi-Fi networks so as not to always trade off internet speed for lower data consumption.

Quick Wi-Fi

The Control Center app also has a quick access to Wi-Fi connections and change it up fast. Holding the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth button down will show its extended options. Force touching the Wi-Fi icon will show the other Wi-Fi connections available in the area.

Location Settings

Normally, social media posts and other files sent through the internet often use the device’s location to know where it was sent. However, this info can be omitted for the user’s privacy. The iOS 13 smartphones and tablets has a setting where it would ask permission for every file shared and social media post done on the internet.

PlayStation 4/Xbox One Controller Support

The iOS 13 devices like the iPhone and iPad also have controller support for the Sony PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller and Xbox One controller. This feature is for easier support with the Apple Arcade gaming platform where users can use controllers instead of the touchscreen. This option also provides a way to protect the Apple device’s screen from too much tapping when playing games on the Apple Arcade.