As anticipated, Apple released the iOS 13.1.3 update, and so far, the iOS 13 has received its fourth upgrade n less than a month. It appears that the Cupertino-based tech giant is releasing updates as fast as it can to solve the many issues plaguing Apple users. Those on iOS 13 must install this latest supplemental update, but those on iOS 12 must try to avoid installing this because it is another bug loaded release.

Apple is hurriedly releasing new versions of iOS 13 and the latest of which is the iOS 13.1.3 a month ago; the company released iOS 13.1.1. This was followed by the iOS 13.1.2 just a couple of days later. These updates aim to fix bugs and to improve performance, including the iCloud, Camera App, backups, and more.

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A leaked document reportedly reveals that Apple iOS 13.3 build is coming as early as Dec.11. Getty Images/Andrew Burton

The latest update, iOS 13.1.3, is intended for all devices compatible with iOS 13. This ranges between iPhone 6S and newer, as well as the current seventh-generation iPod Touch. Users should receive automatic upgrade notifications, but it can also be manually activated if needed.

While the iOS 13.1.3 promises to fix many iPhone issues, Forbes recently reports that it hasn’t been able to fix previous crucial issues. Within 24 hours after it was released, the official Twitter account of Apple Support team is again bombarded by irate users. Surprisingly, based on the complaints, it appears that the iOS 13.1.3 update has not fixed the issue with dropped calls, which should be one of its priorities.

The same goes for mail notifications, which, according to users, Apple Mail is still unable to receive an audible notification, and to make the matter worse, it has affected the Messages app. Issues with reminders, icon notifications, and Apple Music bugs are still there even after iOS 13.1.3 has been installed. But, it seems that the latest update also fixed issues, including iCloud and Watch patches.

Considering the nature of the release of iOS 13.1.3, the official security page of the company confirms that it does not contain security fixes. Most likely, these will be available when iOS 13.2 rolls out.