AirPlay Mirroring wasn't among the top ten features announced by Apple at WWDC on Monday. But looks like this relatively lesser discussed feature introduced in iOS 5 for iPad 2 can have far reaching implications.

The already available HD mirroring technology in iPad 2 enabled the user to plug in a cable to the iPad 2 and connect it with a HDTV for viewing the tablet screen on a much bigger display. This feature has been working beautifully, which facilitated users to watch photos, slideshows and videos on HDTV. Only a minority made use of the feature for gaming, mostly because of the inconvenience of connected chord.

With the AirPlay Mirroring, as announced by Apple, the user can display the iPad screen on Apple TV without a cable. Which means the user is not tied to the screen and can move around with a wirelessly connected iPad 2 and see whatever he does on iPad, on big screen. The Apple TV becomes the cheapest console out there at $99 with the largest game library at nearly 100,000 games. Your iPad 2 becomes your controller, albeit a very expensive one, wrote Jeff Scott, technology expert and founder of on his site.

Experts say that the new feature might help Apple to venture into the game console market, much to the delight of gamers with an iPad 2 and Apple TV. The news definitely wouldn't sound as great for Sony and Nintendo, because if the feature does catch attention of gamers, downloading enabled Apple products would have an edge over the others.