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An untethered jailbreak for Apple devices powered by the A4 processor is already out. However, users of devices running on the A5 processor - the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 are desperately waiting for their jailbreak.

Right now, however, the only person who was working on the A5 jailbreak doesn't seem to be working to find a bootrom-level exploit for the processor.

Pod2g, the French hacker of the Chronic Dev-team, who said he would be working full-time on the A5 jailbreak and transferred all the responsibilities of the A4 untethered jailbreak to the Chronic Dev-team, to help him focus on the declared task, recently updated his blog. Unfortunately, to the disappointment of A5 users, there is no mention of the new jailbreak in the post.

The post, instead, talks about Corona - the untethered jailbreak found by Pod2g. There is no update on the A5 jailbreak efforts and those fans must be disappointed with that. Fans of Pod2g who follow his Twitter and blog regularly must now doubt the efforts of the famous hacker.

Lol... He just made a blog update and a long one that is with no mention of the A5.....Anyone believing he is still working on the A5 is a f***ing mo***n. says a comment on Pod2g's recent blog post.

Almost all the comments on the post are talking about A5 and asking the updates for the jailbreak.

I have been waiting patiently for an A5 release. Forget about an update, I could care less about an update...Just release the A5 jailbreak. Already at this rate it will be 2013 and still no A5 jailbreak... When the A5 jailbreak is released I'll donate as you will deserve it...A4 jailbreakers are walks in the park for these developers not worth any donations, another comment says.

In addition, the new post is full of technical jargon, meaning several people reading it are unable to understand what the hacker is talking about.

Pod2g has delved deeply into the technical aspects of Corona and normal users, who find the installation of a jailbreak program a herculean task, are left completely clueless about the content posted.

We don't understand what you said but it would have been helpful if you updated something about A5. We don't care how you found the exploits as we don't understand. If we really understand what you said then we don't rely on your jailbreak, a comment reads.