A new jailbreak app has appeared in Cydia that lets you monitor mobile devices remotely. Sounds creepy? But MobileMonitor does allow users to track nearly every facet of an iPhone's usage remotely, without the knowledge of the user of the device.

Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog said MobileMonitor can deceive even an iPhone expert as it doesn't show up in the Home screen, Settings or a Spotlight search. It can't even be seen in Mobile Substrate add-ons via SBSettings.

MobileMonitor is so stealthy that it'll even prevent you from viewing the app's details in Cydia if it happens to be installed on your device, Benjamin said.

After the app is installed on an iPhone, one can easily track the usage of the iPhone, even the pictures taken from it, by logging in to the MobileMonitor Web site.

Apart from pictures, one can even monitor text messages, phone calls, GPS coordinates, notes, browser history, call history and nearly anything else that is logged to a database in iOS, said Benjamin.

To use the app, you need to agree to terms and conditions of EULA-like (End User License Agreement) proportions. Once you accept them, you'll be asked to send your email ID.

Next, you'll receive an email containing your password and the link to the page you need to log in to. Once you log in to the MobileMonitor Web site, you'll get almost all possible information about the device.

MobileMonitor offers a free 24-hour limited trial along with a monthly premium service for the full shebang that costs $19.90.

Although the app looks impressive, the iDownloadBlog suggests users to be careful. Users just randomly install apps and tweaks on their devices just because they are jailbroken. By doing so, you're opening yourself to significant risk, as demonstrated in the video.

The iDownloadBlog has posted a video on YouTube with a detail analysis of MobileMonitor and said one really needs to see the app functioning to understand what it is capable of.

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