For those iOS device owners waiting for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for newer idevices like iPhone 5 and iPad mini, the last couple of months of 2012 was indeed very annoying with no significant update related to the highly anticipated exploit. Many people even tend to believe that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 would never become a reality.

However, in a recent interview, well known iOS hacker pod2g revealed that he honestly believed that iOS 6 would eventually be jailbroken. Although this particular update from pod2g revives the hope of many within the jailbreak community, the road to an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak still remains tough, making prominent jailbreak developers believe that Apple should make the iOS platform more flexible.

In the recent HITB panel discussion in Malaysia, pod2g gave a message to Apple asking the company to open its system. This message to the Cupertino tech giant got strengthened up Thursday when he took it to Twitter with a hashtag, “#weWantAnOpeniOS.”

“If you agree that iOS needs more openness, why don't we make #weWantAnOpenIOS trend on twitter! That would be our answer to Apple,” pod2g tweeted.

He continued saying that the fact that there was no jailbreak for iPhone 5 might push Apple to open iOS a little more for tweaks and mods.

The iOS hacker expressed his faith that the upcoming version of iOS, aka iOS 7, would be more flexible:

“Faith: iOS 7 will allow tweaks and mods. #weWantAnOpenIOS.”

According to pod2g, many users are leaving iOS for Android because of the “closeness of the system,” and based on this, he went on to predict that “2013 will be the year of the openness of iOS.”

Another renowned iOS hacker, Stefan Esser, better known as i0n1c, seemed to disagree with pod2g. According to him, among half a million idevices sold, only a few millions are are actually jailbroken.

To this, Pod2g relied back, trying to justify the point behind his message to Apple:

“@i0n1c 1% doesn't mean others don't want tweaks and customization. They just don't know how, or fear to jailbreak.”

The hacker further tweeted, saying:

“Looking at my mentions, there are a lot of long time iPhone users who switched to the Galaxy S3. Come on Apple. Please react to this.”

While other big names in the jailbreak community like i0n1c tended to differ, many others like notable hacker mdowd expressed similar views:

“@pod2g I've noticed a similar trend lately,” mdowd tweeted.

“@pod2g you right. Im iphone user since 2007, so now im using galaxy s3 for the resources and easy customization, only with jb on iphone,” tweeted another follower.

So, like pod2g, many users are hoping that 2013 will bring some sort of openness to the iOS platform. But will the company open up its mobile operating system based on an online appeal?

Even if it ignores this plea, can it pay no heed to the pressure from the iPhone users who are increasingly switching to Android because of the lack of a jailbreak?

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