With Apple releasing the final version of iOS 6.1 Monday, the members of the hacking team “evad3rs,” working on the long awaited iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak, seem to have got their long sought after New Year gift.

It was reported last week that the members of the new “Dream Team” of jailbreak developers, including pod2g, planetbeing, MuscleNerd and pimskeks, might have managed to make a significant progress in terms of creating the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak for non-jailbroken devices. Many reports even suggested that the hackers were just waiting for Apple to release iOS 6.1 before they came up with the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5, iPad mini and all other devices.

Now, since Apple has done its part, all eyes are on the evad3rs team to finally help set the non-jailbroken devices free from the shackles of factory-imposed limitations by releasing the untethered solution for the latest iOS update.

So when will the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak see daylight? MuscleNerd took to his Twitter account Monday and teased about the possible release date this weekend.

“Hey, did everyone know the Super Bowl is this Sunday? What will you be doing? /cc @evad3rs evad3rs.com,” MuscleNerd tweeted.

Although his tweet cannot be considered an absolute confirmation, it does provide a subtle hint that the highly anticipated untethered jailbreak could a reality as early as Sunday (Feb.3).

In addition, it’s Sunday that has seen a number of major jailbreak releases in the past. Therefore, MuscleNerd’s statement does prompt that the phrase “Sunday is Funday” could soon become a trend on Twitter, iDownloadBlog reported.

“It looks like this Sunday, which happens to be the same day as the Super Bowl, might be just as fun as times past, regardless of the game’s outcome,” the report added.

Following the release of iOS 6.1, planetbeing made the whole scenario even more promising by announcing via Twitter that the code found in the new iOS update was also vulnerable to the exploits the hackers’ team was planning to use.

“iOS 6.1 appears to be vulnerable to the exploits we are planning on using,” planetbeing tweeted.

However, the hacker did mention that the untethered jailbreak would require merging a couple of proof of concepts together and also some testing.

“In terms of code, we have two proof of concepts that we need to merge and polish, so we will not be ready to release until that and testing,” planetbeing said.

With that in mind, those waiting for the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak are recommended to have patience for a few more days. Since the hint for a Sunday release has come straight from the horse’s mouth, it would be better to keep fingers crossed while hoping for the best.

What Are The Devices To Be Supported By iOS 6/6.1 Untethered Jailbreak?

MuscleNerd sounded very excited when he announced Monday via Twitter that as many as 22 iOS devices, including the likes of iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4 that are capable of running iOS 6.1 would be supported by the upcoming untethered jailbreak. He also said that the list of compatible devices would also include the Apple TV 2 if Apple releases updated firmware for it as well.

“@unicornhacker yes, every other 6.1 device variation will be supported. All TWENTY-TWO of them (omg!). Plus atv2 if it's out in time,” MuscleNerd tweeted.

Below is a list of devices that will be compatible for the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak:

- iPhone 5

- iPhone 4S

- iPhone 4

- iPhone 3GS

- iPad 4

- iPad 3

- iPad 2

- iPad mini

- iPod touch 4

- iPod touch 5

- Apple TV 2

As of now, it looks like Apple TV 3 is the only device that is not likely to be supported by the imminent untethered jailbreak.

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