A man walks past an iPad 2 advertisement in Shanghai
A man walks past an iPad 2 advertisement in Shanghai Reuters

Things are getting ugly as Apple’s March 7 event draws closer. The event is highly expected to display, for the first time, the Apple iPad 3, but with a lawsuit between Apple and Proview looming, there could be a problem getting the iPad 3 on the store shelves. Proview first sued Apple in China over the iPad trademark, which saw the device being pulled from store shelves temporarily, but now the fight is spilling over onto Apple’s backyard, a fight that could hamper sales of the iPad 3.

Proview Electronics, a Chinese company in bankruptcy and in need of cash, is seeking strip Apple of $2 billion in settlement, preferably out of court. In 2009, Apple acquired the iPad trademark from Proview, but according to the Chinese company, Apple went about doing it deceitfully by buying the trademark rights through a company called IP Application Development (IPAD) Limited.

With the fight now coming to U.S soil, will Apple be able to keep Proview at bay long enough to get the iPad on the store shelves? We think so. Deciphering Proview claims, we believe Apple has a stronger argument because the company owns the iPad trademark which it acquired from Proview in 2009. The fact that Proview is in position where it needs money, can be used as the baseline as to why it chose to sue Apple now in the U.S.

However, Proview claims that it was deceived by Apple, and IP Application Development Limited could be a problem if Proview can come up with sufficient proof to back up its allegation that Apple had used IPAD as a front company. If not, then this case will never go to trial and would most likely be thrown out in the long run.

Apple never created the iPad name, but it surely made it popular. Proview is trying to ride on that success, and while it might get what it wants in China, it is unlikely anything of the sort will happen in the U.S. Having said that, no one knows what other tricks Proview may have up its sleeves. However, despite what the company has planned, this fight is going to be a difficult one for Proview. Going up against the richest company in the world will never be easy, this is a classic David versus Goliath battle, but do not expect David to come out on top here.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, Edited by Surojit Chatterjee)